Oaken cabinet

Oaken cabinet


Where should I start?
Let’s just say that the hinges on this vintage piece, were not made of quality material. They broke, piercing the thin veneer and destroying the upper bar door.
I took them out and made a surprisingly-accurate technical drawing.  🙂 Since I’m incredibly lucky to have a MacGyver type of dad, I called and charmed him into making brand new hinges from scratch. Yay! Thank you, daddy!

After solving drama number one, I needed to focus on the damaged veneer. Wood glue and a week with carpenter clamps helped, but there were parts that needed to be evened out with wood filler.

So now we’re ready to paint, right? Well… no.
After focusing on the hinges, I totally missed the fact that the lock on this awful, shameless door was broken as well.
A few hours browsing the net for ‘møbellås’ ,400 kr and 5 days later, I eventually got the right size lock. JEEEEEEZ….


Finally, I could get to the fun part. Painting!
I thought I would go with the black and teak theme again. Well, black and oak in this case. I managed to get the old lacquere off the door fronts and stain them in a bit of a darker walnut shade. To add some extra detail I decorated the sides with my newest stencils and exchanged the drawer knobs with big golden ones from Zara Home .


The new hinges, my MacGyver-dad custom made for me fitted like a glove! New lock as well. I love the contrast between matte black finish and natural oaken wood! Stencil pattern and golden details make it even better.
Buy it HERE.

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