Gray matter secretary desk

I simply love these cute, little desks! You can keep all your paper mess hidden and easily accessible at the same time. Brilliant design.


The desk was in pretty good shape. The only problem was the missing lock in the upper part and a big gap where the key hole used to be. I decided to fill the space and finish it off with some wood filler. My plan was to install a knob in place of the missing key. I know , I know… a key would be better, but I couldn’t find a fitting lock in my collection, and a new one would be way too pricey, so I needed to go for a financially-sensible solution.


The old orange lacquer was not an option, so I sanded it off. That was my least favorite part of the process. Dust everywhere!  Ears, nose, eyes… Everything looked like the set of  Dune :/

After priming and painting the whole thing I decorated it with some copper stencil patterns.Old drawer pulls were polished and reused. For the upper part I chose a vintage wooden knob that I saved from another piece I was working on before. (Reuse, reuse, reuse! )  The nterior got a fresh coat of paint and a stencil decor. The miniature drawers were also lined with the paper that I thought was a bit much to put in the major drawers.  At the end I just needed to wax the parts that I decided to keep in natural wood and it was ready!


Fresh and new but still with Mid-century modern vibe.

Now it’s looking for a new home. Adopt him here 🙂

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