Furniture flipping 101

Seven things I learned the first year of my furniture flipping  adventure. Soon we will be celebrating Aleksandra’s Furniture first birthday. It’s almost one year since I finally decided to create my FB page and started sharing my furniture makeovers with a wider public. So much has happened since…. Here

Thonet chairs holiday project

Thonet Chairs Holiday Project Cleaning Up The Neighbourhood This was supposed to be holidays, but I guess I just couldn’t miss a chance like this. I found these two classic Thonet chairs standing outside my dad’s house. His neighbour was planning to drive them to the dumpster but couldn’t find

The Masking Tape Trick – Vintage Kitchen Table

The Masking Tape Trick – Vintage Table Before This simple, old table was a custom order. It was brought to me by one of my clients. She wanted it to match the Shabby Chic buffet she bought from me some time ago. When I first saw it I wasn’t even

Tuxedo Dresser

Tuxedo Dresser aka Bunny Bonanza The Beginning Ooookeyyy… where do I start? In a dumpster! That’s where this scary, little thing came from. It was covered in, what looked like, a hundred and eighty layers of oil paint. I think the last owner used it as a workshop table, because

Magnetic Magenta Vanity

Magnetic Magenta Vanity Inspiration Vanity: I was really looking forward to redoing one of these again. Last time I had a chance to work on a vanity was when my friend asked me to paint one for her, last summer.  She wanted something neutral and delicate so we went for

Green Moroccan Cabinet

Green Moroccan Cabinet

Green Moroccan Cabinet  Before This little, vintage cabinet was such a pleasure to work on! Like most old furniture, it was treated with many layers of old school oil paint. It still was holding on amazingly well to the surface, so I decided all I needed to do was just

Oaken cabinet

Oaken cabinet BEFORE/THE IRRITATING PART Where should I start? Let’s just say that the hinges on this vintage piece, were not made of quality material. They broke, piercing the thin veneer and destroying the upper bar door. I took them out and made a surprisingly-accurate technical drawing.  🙂 Since I’m

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