From Trash To Treasure

Since I was a little girl I loved painting, decorating and transforming spaces and objects around me. I guess some things you just don’t grow out of. I always needed to personalize every place I ever lived in to be able to call it HOME.

After I was settled in my current home, all the rooms were arranged and filled with hand painted furniture, but I wasn’t finished! I was hooked on creating and I wasn’t able to stop. That’s how the idea was born.

Currently I’m hunting for thrifty bargains on line and in local charity shops.  Most of the unwanted and unloved pieces have a good chance to find a new loving home and to turn from trash to treasure.


Who’s Aleksandra?

I was born in conservative Poland but I only feel like at home in liberal Norway. I can’t sit still but I love to be lazy. I’m an organic vegetarian but also a sugar addict. I love people but need my alone time. I adore music but I create best in silence.

Full of ideas and energy to create. Everyday. Anywhere. Always.


What’s my style?

COLOR! In my eyes giving new life to furniture = giving them new color. I love brave Midcentury Modern lines and unexpected mixes of shades and patterns. But don’t get me wrong, I will be happy to paint a cute white Shabby chic dresser for you because what really makes my heart pump is giving ANY piece a second chance.

For me the most fun and the most rewarding part of the project is the detail work. The paper lined interior and carefully chosen hardware. Very often I find my inspiration in the papers I use.

When styling my pieces for photoshoots, I use mostly second hand décor mixed with contemporary accessories often found in unexpected places. In case you have not yet noticed, I am addicted to tassels. These vintage inspired key decorations always add so much character.



You probably never thought of this but a fair share of the furniture I’m working on are impossible to lift or even move for a tiny person like me. If it wasn’t for the help of my Personal Superman, I wouldn’t be able to do a big part of my job.

This is a man who tolerates the constant mess in the living room and dirty paintbrushes in the kitchen sink. And most of all he is the one who motivates me and picks me up when I’m tired and uninspired.

So everytime you look at one of my pieces remember to appreciate him <3


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