Magnetic Magenta Vanity

Magnetic Magenta Vanity


Vanity: I was really looking forward to redoing one of these again. Last time I had a chance to work on a vanity was when my friend asked me to paint one for her, last summer.  She wanted something neutral and delicate so we went for white and gold.

Magenta: Earlier this year, I was working with a brave and color-loving client. She needed a statement piece for her new apartment. We found a classical wooden dresser and chose a strong magenta color and shimmering golden knobs from Zara Home. I fell in love! Since then I was looking for another piece to paint the same color.


I found this beautiful vintage bedroom set online. It was in a pretty good condition, but covered in a thick glossy layer of old, ugly lacquer.  The mirrors were a little blurry, but after all, this is a vintage piece and these kind of rustic imperfections just give it extra charm.



After taking the whole piece apart, I sanded it lightly and primed it. The plan was to paint it with high gloss paint, so I needed to make sure the surface was perfectly smooth. That meant sanding it with fine grid paper after applying each layer. As for the drawer pulls, I decided to reuse the original ones. All the remaining hardware like hinges and metal pieces holding the mirrors in place were sprayed with metallic golden paint. The insides of the drawers were lined with black and white paper that I glued on with decoupage glue.

Tip: you should avoid high gloss finish if you’re working with rough, uneven surfaces. Shine makes every tiny scratch or dents very visible. Matte finish is perfect to hide imperfections.

Final Effect – Magnetic Magenta Vanity

Brave and unique. A real statement piece! Buy HERE


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