June 2016

The Masking Tape Trick – Vintage Kitchen Table

The Masking Tape Trick – Vintage Table Before This simple, old table was a custom order. It was brought to me by one of my clients. She wanted it to match the Shabby Chic buffet she bought from me some time ago. When I first saw it I wasn’t even

Tuxedo Dresser

Tuxedo Dresser aka Bunny Bonanza The Beginning Ooookeyyy… where do I start? In a dumpster! That’s where this scary, little thing came from. It was covered in, what looked like, a hundred and eighty layers of oil paint. I think the last owner used it as a workshop table, because

Magnetic Magenta Vanity

Magnetic Magenta Vanity Inspiration Vanity: I was really looking forward to redoing one of these again. Last time I had a chance to work on a vanity was when my friend asked me to paint one for her, last summer.  She wanted something neutral and delicate so we went for

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