Green Moroccan Cabinet

Green Moroccan Cabinet

Green Moroccan Cabinet


This little, vintage cabinet was such a pleasure to work on! Like most old furniture, it was treated with many layers of old school oil paint. It still was holding on amazingly well to the surface, so I decided all I needed to do was just sand it lightly and patch some areas up with wood filler.  The areas that needed the most attention were the lock and key holes cavities. They were filled up with wood and wood filler.

Color and Pattern

You probably noticed I’m a huge fan of blue, and naturally this was my first thought when I laid eyes on this little, cute cabinet. But then I remembered how much you all liked my green projects, and I thought it was time to let go of the blue for a while 😉 Another part I was pretty excited about, was the Moroccan pattern stencils I recently bought. I REALLY needed to try those out!


I like to have a few options ready. I choose 2 or 3 sets of knobs I think might go well with the style and color scheme, and I make the final decision after the paint job is done 🙂 This time I went for these beautiful metal “baskets” from REGALKA. They were perfect for my Moroccan style, especially when accompanied by my favorite, big and puffy tassels.

Final Effect – Green Moroccan Cabinet

What interior doesn’t need a splash of color? So all in all I’m ‘veldig fornoyd’. My new stencils = great success. Regałka knobs = adorable. Color choice = yes please!

You can buy this green cutie HERE

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