Tufted pouf makeover

Tufted pouf makeover

If this is not a Cinderella story, I don’t know what is!


Poor little thing. She was sad, forgotten and dressed in torn, dirty rags. That’s what I call a Cinderella.


Upholstery is not my forte, but I think it’s really fun and I enjoy it a lot. This time I decided to try out the tufting technique . The type you usually see on tufted headboards or Chesterfield Sofas.


I started with taking it all apart. After removing the legs and the top I took off all the old fabric and the padding that was used as a pillow. 20 thousand upholstery nails later I had a plain wooden base and I could start building it back up. I’m not going to bore you with more tufting details, but I’ll just mention that  my choice of fabric wasn’t very lucky. As a beginner I should have used something thinner and easier to operate with. Instead I chose a thick and stiff faux suede that I recently bought for a chair makeover but didn’t get to use. It was a challenge but I made it at the end! Lesson learned, moving on…  After finishing the tufted seat I realized that I didn’t have enough fabric to cover the rest of the pouf. I thought: no biggie, I’ll just take a trip to the store and buy some more. How naive. After arriving at the shop I discovered they were out of my mint suede. Typical… but that’s how the best ideas are born – out of a lack of simple solutions.  So I bought a different fabric in the same fresh shade of mint and I got to the car half pissed off and half brainstorming. It hit me the moment we reached the first pedestrian crossing;  stripes! I cut identically-sized stripes from both fabrics, and I sewed them together on a sewing machine. Crisis averted!

Effect-Mint tufted pouf

I think I did well as a Fairy Godmother. My Cinderella got an elegant, fresh mint, tufted, suede dress. Her heavy, wooden klomper shoes were changed into elegant, glossy slippers. The interior was taken care of as well. I just couldn’t seem to resist spicing it up with a little colorful pattern 😉  And the best part is: nothing is going to change into a pumpkin when the clock strikes twelve.

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