Hello and welcome!

It feels like just yesterday I planted the seed and started From Trash To Treasure Facebook page. After a crazy 9 month journey this website was born. Who would have thought that a few painted pieces of furniture will get my work so much attention?!  Almost 5000 people follow my makeovers on Facebook, while the number is a bit over 1200 for Instagram. A prestigious front page post on Reddit motivated me to take the next step and make my passion into a full time profession.

Here it is! My very own online home. It’s still just new born web baby and it needs a lot of care and attention. I promise to be a good mom and make sure it’ll develop in the right direction.

My plan for it is simple: It’s a platform for my creative outbursts. It’s a safe place for the things I love doing the most. It’s a medium of inspiration and help for those of You who are creative and full of ideas like me and are looking for an advice or just a friendly chat 😉

Aleksandra's Furniture


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