Green Moroccan Cabinet

May 2016

Green Moroccan Cabinet

Green Moroccan Cabinet

Green Moroccan Cabinet  Before This little, vintage cabinet was such a pleasure to work on! Like most old furniture, it was treated with many layers of old school oil paint. It still was holding on amazingly well to the surface, so I decided all I needed to do was just

Oaken cabinet

Oaken cabinet BEFORE/THE IRRITATING PART Where should I start? Let’s just say that the hinges on this vintage piece, were not made of quality material. They broke, piercing the thin veneer and destroying the upper bar door. I took them out and made a surprisingly-accurate technical drawing.  🙂 Since I’m

Tufted pouf makeover

Tufted pouf makeover If this is not a Cinderella story, I don’t know what is! Before Poor little thing. She was sad, forgotten and dressed in torn, dirty rags. That’s what I call a Cinderella. Idea Upholstery is not my forte, but I think it’s really fun and I enjoy

Gray matter secretary desk

I simply love these cute, little desks! You can keep all your paper mess hidden and easily accessible at the same time. Brilliant design.  Before The desk was in pretty good shape. The only problem was the missing lock in the upper part and a big gap where the key

Color bomb team

Last week I had the pleasure of working on a super fun project. A client brought an old teak desk. I thought it would work great if we paired it up with a chair I recently got. Both were made in the same time period and from the same materials

Hello and welcome!

It feels like just yesterday I planted the seed and started From Trash To Treasure Facebook page. After a crazy 9 month journey this website was born. Who would have thought that a few painted pieces of furniture will get my work so much attention?!  Almost 5000 people follow my makeovers on

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